Friday, July 08, 2016

In the nude, red popsicles, and endless love!

This morning Kohl went out into the backyard and stripped off his clothes and diaper to run around buck naked. He does it so he can play with water.
Today especially he wanted me to turn the water on so he could play with the hose, but I didn't let him. Instead we had popsicles since he was naked anyway. Makes for a easy clean up. Especially the red ones. They dye your clothes and skin.

This afternoon Kohl grabbed my neck and pulled my face in for a smooch. I just had to laugh, and later he was watching Curious George, the movie, and he starting crying at the scene when they take George away from the man in the yellow hat. I've never seen his emotions like that. I have a lot to teach him about emotions and feelings.

Lately Kohl has been refusing to bathe, however he will get in the tub with daddy. So in the recent weeks Tim and Kohl have been bonding in warm, soapy water. It really is sweet watching them together. Tim is such a great father, and the love Kohl has for his dad is evident.

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